2015. feb 11.

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írta: Fogarasi Gergely
5 másodperces klip

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unconditional rebel

Magyar Ádám szuperlassított felvételeihez hasonló technikával készült ez a mindössze 5 (!) mp alatt leforgatott klip! 

unconditional rebel - siska from Guillaume Panariello on Vimeo.

The shortest shooting ever.

Written & directed by Guillaume Panariello
Cinematography by Thomas Rames
Visual effect by Benoit Maffone

Produced by VLB Recordings & La Planete Rouge

This is a real video performance which was shot on sunday the 3rd of november in "la plaine de la Crau". A slow motion video, a sequence map with a traveling in front of 80 extras placed on 80 meters along a little road, lost in an industrial area. Filmed at 1000 frames/second with a camera (Phantom 4k) from a car driven at 50km/h, the shooting took 5 seconds for a 3'30 video: a living and dreamlike mural.


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